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BWN Awesome show recap 3/10/21

Tonight we had a great show at the Boss Women Network. We touched on quite a few subjects, and had a special guest stop by in celebration of Women's Month.

Rasheedah Farooq-Shango the CEO & founder from Coily Girls talked about going to college, while being a wife, having a baby, and becoming pregnant a 2nd time and still graduating. But she didn't stop there, she continued the grind, and went on to get her PHD. Now Rasheedah is, an entrepreneur, and teaches the teachers. We also discussed the new U.K. variant of Covid 19 that has made it's way to Houston Texas as our governor decided to lift the mask mandate. Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines don't protect against it. So it's possible to contract covid and spread it to your loved ones. Be safe, and continue to mask up, and social distance. The last topic was the importance of self care. Be sure to take of "you" first. Make time for yourself, go for that walk, take that bubble bath with flower petals, but whatever you do take care of YOU


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