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Leilani, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but raised in Houston, TX. While she always had a love for music, she found an even deeper love for music when she won a keyboard from watching a TV show at 11 years old. Leilani then became fascinated by the keyboard because she started learning sounds by ear unknowingly. When Leilani's parents separated, her mom moved Leilani and her siblings to the (SouthLawn) Projects. During that period in her life is when she learned how to appreciate the struggle, learn how to overcome hardships and to keep pushing no matter the circumstances. In High School Leilani joined the Band as a Flagette since her mom couldn't afford to buy an instrument,  then later became a Majorette/Twirler.


Leilani joined the band so that she could graduate. She knew the only way to be in the band was to have passing grades and passing grades meant graduation. Even though she barely graduated high school (Jack Yates High School) and became a single mom a year later, Leilani decided to get more focused by going back to school. She enrolled in Community College to take up Recording and Engineering and to get a better understanding of the music industry. Her goal was to one day start her own entertainment/record company. In order to do that , Leilani believed that she should learn the business from the bottom to the top even if she had to learn how to produce music, record, mix songs, write her contracts, shoot her own videos, handle her own marketing ect.. on her own to gain the hands on experience until in position to hire a team to take over certain areas. Leilani went back to school and received her bachelors degree in Business Communications then her Master's degree in Business Administration.  


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Leilani's experience in the Music Industry began over 10 years ago. She is known for Producing Music, Producing Music Videos, Creating Music Projects, Building Websites, Event Planning, Real Estate Business Owner and being a full fledged Business Entrepreneur. She started out interning at 97.5 to talent scouting for talent shows that she personally developed around the city to working for a popular local Hip Hop Television show as the Special Projects Director. Leilani is also well known for bringing some of the Hottest Female rap artist together to create the Compilation Mixtapes called "The Women of H-Town" and The Dame Society.  She is currently working on a Shortfilm called the Boss Women Network. She is part owner of Plugged In Entertainment.  Leilani also produce and edit Plugged In Entertainments's own Youtube TV show called Plugged In TV.  Click the social links below to hear  Leilani's tracks, see videos she has produced or just to learn even more about...

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