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Leilani the Producer........

One of Leilani's main goals was to create a movement or an outlet for females in the Entertainment or ANY Industry to Collaborate.

The Female movement is for "Boss Women" that are open to elevate, to help articulate dreams, share and grow professional networks. We want to build with women that motivate, see the best qualities, and potential within each other.


In other words...


Create an avenue for Boss Women to network, mentor, share knowledge, develop business relationships, work on Music projects,  Movie projects, Marketing Projects, Fashion Projects, Blogs, Create Events, Refer  Business to each other ect..,The Network is also for the women who want to do nothing but be around as a support system! 

Boss Women Network LLC. is a business Hub for companies to collaborate and partner in all of our business and community efforts. 

The vision for the Boss Women Network is to impact women and young girls. We will expand our network by building and creating opportunities in communities across the globe of the USA and Abroad


"The Boss Women Network" aka "The Network" (BWN)

Also if you are a Book Reader Join The Boss Women Network (Book Club)

Boss Women Network Foundation Coming Soon.!




Leilani Anderson-Monroe,


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Healing Journey

We've all been hurt in one way or another, that's just the trials and tribulations of life. But harboring all that hurt, turns into anger, and unhealed wounds. It's like we surpress

our feelings hoping they go away, but the truth is they resurface when we least expect it. This causes us to self sabotage in our personal life, business relationships, romantically, and so on.

The biggest issue with truly healing oneself is that you literally have to relive each and every moment of it all over again. The thought of that itself hurts, I know but that's the only way to truly heal from whatever it is that's been bothering you year after year, laying dormant waiting to reappear and torment you again.

The first thing you can do is start writing about it in a personal journal. Really go over each situation, person, or incident and express yourself truthfully. But remember to apologize to yourself for whatever roll you may or may not have played even if it was bad. Remember to tell yourself it's not your fault, and then release it.

Shadow work is another important step in healing. It's kinda like journaling, with a question and answer guide. You can easily find a book on Amazon or kindle.

Taking walks in nature, self care, meditation, learning to love you all over again, is all part of the healing process. Getting to know the new you, and embracing all she has to offer.

Just be sure to put in the work. You owe it to yourself, and your healing journey starts with you.

-Danielle Craig

We've all been stuck in a rut, or have had negative vibes impact our lives. That type of energy causes blockages, stagnation, laziness, tiredness, and irritability.

Here are a few simple easy ways to cleanse your space.

Sage is a go to for most folks, and it's very effective, just make sure you're opening your windows, and doors while you're doing it.

Incense cleansings are another easy effective way to rid bad Vibes. Simply light 3 Incense start at the top of your front door from top 🔝to bottom, counter clockwise. And continue throughout house.

Resin burning such as frankincense and myrrh, dragons blood etc. work very well and are very effective.

The use of Palo Santo, is an ancient practice. Palo Santo means "holy wood" and when burned it gives off the most fragrant smell, accompanied by a sense of calmness and well being. The tree itself is very sacred, and the branches are never cut down, farmers wait until they fall off naturally before gathering them for distribution.

Sweeping your floors from the back of the house to the front of the house, and if it's really bad sprinkle salt on the floors before you start.

Speaking of salt, a sea salt bath is highly recommended after a good cleansing to wash away any lingering energies.

Cleaning and decluttering your house is another way. You may not think so but it's so true. The chi can't flow properly through all that clutter. Clean up and get rid of the old, broken things, and toss out, or donate whatever you're not using.

And one of my all time favorites is burning white candles. Light a few white candles and say your favorite Psalm scripture or recite the Lord's prayer. By the time they finish burning you should feel so much better.

-Danielle Craig


We often hear about self care, but do we actually take the time to really care for self? Do you set aside a time each week to just do "you" with little to no distractions? If not you're truly missing out on one of the most rewarding parts of your life. That woosah moment can actually change the course of the following week. I'm sure you're wondering how, so allow me to explain. When you're refreshed and rejuvenated you can think clearly, your confidence is on overload, and it minimizes stress and aniexty. It also assist with your inability to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Some women have children, a family, a business and a job. So you have to learn to manage your time, and budget in self care. Put your children on a schedule, and actually stick to it. Get a little bit more organized and start taking care of yourself.

Bubble baths, walks in nature, meditation music, binaural beats, candles, sea salts, herbs, herbal tea, self grooming are all some examples of self care rituals you can adopt. But also taking a long drive listening to your favorite tunes, or laying around binge watching your favorite shows in your comfy pajamas. Whatever it is that suits your fancy, indulge yourself at least twice a month, however weekly is highly recommended.

You owe it to yourself and your family to be at 100%. And you can't possibly be operating at your greatest potential carrying around last week's drama and next week's worries.

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