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So many women are supportive of other women and then some are not. The question is why? Is it because society makes it harder for women to succeed so women pull each other down to get to the top spot or the only spot available? We have to create avenues to succeed. Women have to open doors for other women. We have to help each other grow when we fall short instead of gossip.

What is Dame Society?

It’s powerful to have a circle of Dames aka "Boss Women" that are open to elevate, to help articulate dreams, grow your professional network, and to encourage you to step into a life full of impact and adventure. Dames motivate, see the best qualities, and potential within each other.

The goal of Dame Society is to provide an avenue for Boss Women to network, mentor, share knowledge, develop business relationships, work on Music projects, work on Movie projects, Marketing Projects, Fashion Projects, Blogs, Create events ect. or to just be around as support. Join the Movement! To learn more click on Link below.

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